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Ambeon Fate of a Dreamer

fate of a dreamer (2011 re-release)

The expanded edition of AMBEON Fate of a Dreamer is a 2-CD digipack with an 20-page booklet. CD1 contains all of the tracks from the original release, plus three additional tracks that were exclusively found on the "Cold Metal" single.

CD 2 contains 14 never-before-heard "unplugged" versions of Astrid singing both Ayreon and Ambeon tracks, with Ewa Albering on flute, Dewi Kerstins on cello, and Arjen on acoustic guitar. These acoustic tracks were recorded in 2001 during rehearsals for a live performance which, sadly, never took place.

When Arjen revisited these recordings in preparation for the re-release, he was amazed at the quality of both the sound and the performances, so he decided to make them available for everyone to hear.

CD 1

total time CD 1: 60 minutes

CD 2 - acoustic sessions

total time CD 2: 54 minutes

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