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2-CD Mediabook
Gatefold 2-LP Vinyl (LP includes the CDs from the Mediabook ed.)

T-shirts for women and men

A2 (16.5 x 24 inches) Poster

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A6 (4 x 6 inches) Holographic Postcard


Both Mediabook and Vinyl editions come with 2 enhanced CD-ROMs.


The story of "Lost in the New Real" follows Mr. L, a twenty-first century man who was cryopreserved at the moment of his clinical death from a terminal disease. The album begins as Mr. L is being revived at a point in the distant future, when technology has advanced enough to cure his disease. Mr L finds himself in a world that has drastically changed -- to the point that the line between what’s real and what’s not is no longer clear.

Mr. L's appointed psychological advisor (played by Rutger Hauer) is tasked with helping him emotionally adapt to this strange new world. The songs on CD1 follow the main character Mr. L's emotional journey as he is confronted with both serious and comical aspects of the "New Real", and desperately tries to decide if he can find a meaningful place within it.

CD2 is a mix of songs that are part of the concept but didn't fit on CD1, and cover songs that are (more or less) related to the concept. As Arjen's fans have come to expect, informative and humorous 'behind the scenes' videos are added to both CDs as CD-rom tracks. This beautiful 2-CD Limited Edition Mediabook is illustrated by the striking artwork of Claudio Bergamin.


CD1 / LP1

1] The New Real [6:24]
2] Pink Beatles in a Purple Zeppelin [3:36]
3] Parental Procreation Permit [5:03]
4] When I'm a Hundred Sixty-four [2:30]
5] E-police [4:07]
6] Don't Switch Me Off [4:06]
7] Dr. Slumber's Eternity Home [3:51]
8] Yellowstone Memorial Day [3:31]
9] Where Pigs Fly [3:47]
10] Lost in the New Real [10:19]
11] Bonus CD-ROM video feature: "Behind the New Real" [13:45]

Total audio time CD1: 47:00

CD2 / LP2

1] Our Imperfect Race [6:27]
2] Welcome to the Machine [4:45] (Pink Floyd cover)
3] So is there no God? [4:41]
4] Veteran of the Psychic Wars [4:34] Blue Oyster Cult cover)
5] The Social Recluse [3:35]
6] Battle of Evermore [5:28] (Led Zeppelin cover)
7] The Space Hotel [3:49]
8] Some Other Time [Alan Parsons Project cover)
9] You Have Entered the Reality Zone [3:24]
10] I'm the Slime [2:53] (Frank Zappa cover)
11] Bonus CD-ROM video feature "Behind the Artwork" [13:35]

Total audio time CD2: 43:20


Arjen Lucassen as "Mr. L"
Vocals, instruments, music, lyrics

Rutger Hauer as "Dr. Voight-Kampff"

Wilmer Waarbroek: backing vocals
Ed Warby: drums
Rob Snijders: drums
Ben Mathot:violin
Maaike Peterse: cello
Jeroen Goossens: flute
Elvya Dulcimer: Hammered dulcimer on "Battle of Evermore"


Mediabook with 2 enhanced CDs.


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Men's and women's T-shirts


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Gatefold 2-LP on BLACK vinyl. Includes the 2 enhanced CDs from the Mediabook, so you get the CD audio and bonus video features for free!

VINYL edition

The Gatefold 2-LP edition on BLACK vinyl, without bundle items. Note: the vinyl edition includes the two enhanced CDs from the Mediabook edition.

Our blue and green colored vinyls are out of print, but beautiful pink/orange copies are still available through InsideOut directly.

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A2 (16.5 x 24 inches) poster In the style of the sci-fi movie posters of the 1950's -- as we all know and love them.

50's sci-fi movie style POSTER

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Please note that the poster ships FOLDED. We do not have any unfolded posters in stock.

A6 (4 x 6 inches) Postcard with holographic 3D effect. Groovy!

3D holographic postcard

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