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Multi-instrumentalist Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon) and vocalist/lyricist Anneke van Giersbergen (ex-The Gathering, Devin Townsend Project) join forces on The Gentle Storm, an epic production featuring two radically contrasting interpretations of the same songs: CD 1 "GENTLE" gives you acoustic / folky arrangements, and CD 2 "STORM" gives you bombastic metal versions. (Arjen's music is always hard to categorize, so please see the video previews to get an idea: Heart of Amsterdam (STORM version), Endless Sea (STORM version), Endless Sea (GENTLE version), Shores of India (STORM version).

For track-lists and version info, see this page (opens in new window).

See Arjen explain the different album editions in THIS VIDEO (opens in a new window).

All Gentle Storm CDs, vinyls and artbooks are signed Arjen. Availability and pricing subject to change without notice.

The Gentle Storm Artbook

Ltd. Edition Artbook

The LP-sized deluxe artbook is an exclusive limited edition that includes 4 CDs. You get the 2 CDs of the regular album, and the other 2 two contain instrumental versions of all the tracks. This is truly a limited edition, which means once they're sold out we can't get more.


€ 30.58

Does not include shipping

All copies are signed by Arjen

The Gentle Storm Digipack

Sp. EDITION 2cd Digipack

Special edition 2CD digipack.


€ 14.88

Does not include shipping

All copies are signed by Arjen

The Gentle Storm Limited Edition Vinyl

Ltd. EDITION 3LP + 2cd

Limited edition 3LP vinyl with booklet and 2CDs for listening convenience.

€ 31.40

Does not include shipping

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All copies are signed by Arjen.

Arjen and Anneke tour CD

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Gentle storm acoustic tour cd

This CD contains 5 tracks that Arjen and Anneke recorded to celebrate the acoustic tour they did together in February 2015.


€ 8

Not including shipping. Signed by ARJEN ONLY

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The Gentle Storm T-shirt

The Gentle Storm T-shirt

The preorder bundles are no longer available, but we have a few shirts left over.


€ 15.70

Does not include shipping

Only Small still available: